High Quality Custom Steel Fabrication

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Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation

LED Metal Works offers high-quality structural steel products tailored to your unique requirements. We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure the end product precisely aligns with your needs. Our erecting team consistently surpasses customer expectations, leaving a lasting positive impression with their unwavering commitment and positive attitude.

The key to our success has been our focus on client relationships as well as meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment is 100% client satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Construction projects of any type require both good planning and precise execution. Therefore, we work closely with clients to tailor each job to meet their unique needs. This customization process involves mapping out the requirements of the project and ensuring logistics are in place to support a smooth flow from early planning to project completion.

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High Quality Structural Steel Fabrication

LED Metal Works provides custom state of the art steel fabrication that’s designed to meet your specific needs and assembled meticulously to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

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Structural Steel

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Discover LED Metal Works’ unwavering commitment to excellence in fabricating and delivering premium structural steel solutions.

Empowering McDonald's Expansion with Our Structural Steel Expertise

At LED Metal Works, we are proud to have played a crucial role in expanding the iconic golden arches across our region. We have been the backbone behind the construction of five McDonald’s locations, supplying top-notch structural steel solutions that uphold the brand’s standards of excellence and durability.


Our Customer Feedback

Just want to say I was very impressed with the progress your crew has had on site and that they have been working very efficiently and safely. Very nice to see and very much appreciated.

Rene Dubeau PMP, GSC, LEED® AP, BD&C
Project Director - Special Projects, JEN COL Construction

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